Heroes, Inc

The tunnels of Baestow's End

After a sour meeting with Enith Blackbeak, the guild leader felt compelled to teleport away out of fear. This prompted our favorite group of interns to scatter in search of her. In a moment Thava smashed through the locked door of Eniths room and found the hidden passage that she took to escape. The team then shuffled through the tunnel that was revealed, part of the underground system that is presumably of interest to the local thieves guild. They gave chase, dodged some traps and followed the trail for quite a while. They then found a nest of spiders and monsters who put up a bit up a fight but were ultimately put down. On the other side of the cleared room the adventures had a net gain of venom sacs, busted eggs, wounds and a celestial horse of Aukan’s. Continuing, after a few more traps and a wrong turn, the horse was sent out to be bait, and a shield for traps. Finally they reached the end of the trail to the outdoors, where they saw a bonfire within a clearing. The team decided to send the horse out one more time, rather than a member of their group, to be attacked by a number of unseen goblin assailants… DEAD! Thava has set a trap, the goblins are confused, and the team now has to take the next step.

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